Tailgate Guys BBQ Show, Episode 40: Dirt Road BBQ, Len Aberman

Ryan and Karen Murphy of Dirt Road BBQ – with a big check!


Ryan and Karen Murphy said simply going to the World Food Championships was a case of stepping out of their comfort zone of the square, styrofoam blind-box containers of KCBS competition cooking. What a great decision it was for the duo from Kansas City.

After a grueling weekend in Dallas, Ryan and Karen’s Dirt Road BBQ walked away with $10,000 as the Grand Champion of the WFC BBQ competition. They tell us about what it was like on Episode 40 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Show Podcast.

On the second half of the show, we chat with Len Aberman, co-host of the podcast Baseball and BBQ which combines two of America’s great past times. Lyndal and Steve also recap their own busy competition weekend, which included a fair amount of success cooking Ribs and Steaks.

Thanks to our sponsors Smithfield, Blues Hog, Affordable Income Tax & Payroll and Colaw RV. Until next week … #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm

Check out this episode of Tailgate Guys BBQ Show

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