Tailgate Guys BBQ Show, Episode 94: Josh Farley, Vic Clevenger

Josh Farley and the Piggin’ Whiskey BBQ crew (left) and Vic Clevenger from the ChimneyCartel.com

We fire up the final month of 2020 with a couple of fun guests on Episode 94 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Show Podcast, one who is dialed into the top-level of KCBS and another who spreads the word of BBQ through the spoken and written word.

Leading off is Josh Farley, pitmaster of Piggin’ Whiskey O.G. BBQ team out of Oak Grove, Mo. Josh and his fiancee Ashton Christine Smith finished 14th in the KCBS Team of the Year chase and were second in the tricky Chicken category. They did it by cooking legs, something few teams in the Midwest do. How did Josh make it work? He tells us, along with telling the background of Piggin’ Whiskey O.G.

Vic Clevenger is one of the most-entertaining people in BBQ. A professional speaker, stand-up comedian, writer and pitmaster, Vic created ChimneyCartel.com and the Chimney Cartel Facebook group where open-fire cooking ideas are exchanged. Vic has a new, lightweight grill out that sounds fascinating in its simplicity and efficiency. It’s always a good time when Vic pays us a visit.

Meanwhile, Lyndal and Steve review their Thanksgiving cooks – what worked and what didn’t – and what’s coming up in the run-up to Christmas.

Thanks to our sponsors/marketing partners who make the fun possible: Blues Hog, Royal Oak Charcoal, The Butcher Shoppe, The BBQ Central Show, Affordable Income Tax & Payroll, DDR Fabrication, Colaw RV and The BBQ League. Special thanks to Vietti Marketing Group and In the Garden of Eden for supporting our competition efforts in 2020.

NOTE: We are starting to compile show sponsors for 2021. Please let me know if you would like to join the fun at lscranton755@gmail.com

Have a great BBQ Week! #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm

Check out this episode of Tailgate Guys BBQ Show

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