Tailgate Guys BBQ Show, Episode 75: Lee Thompson, Jeni Huelskamp

Lee Thompson (right) and Amanda Podlucky of Pig Chicka Cow Cow BBQ out of Apopka, Florida.

We like KCBS judges. We really do. It’s just that a small percentage of really bad ones cast a dark shadow and drive many teams out of the sport. On Episode 75 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Show Podcast, we discuss our thoughts on this topic after getting a first-hand look at … um … interesting scoring the past weekend.

Meanwhile, we then move on and talk to people a lot smarter than us about BBQ. Lee Thompson of Florida BBQ Association Team of the Year Pig Chicka Cow Cow joins us to talk about the frustration of how contests – with or without good judging – have ground to a halt in his neck of the woods.

Also this week, Jeni Huelskamp from the Pits N Grills BBQ teams reflects on a fabulous weekend for that team at Smokin’ on the Osage in Osceola, Missouri. Jeni also owns and operates Manly Cans, a great business that fans of BBQ might be interested in.

Thanks to our sponsors/marketing partners who make the fun possible: Blues Hog, The Butcher Shoppe, The BBQ Central Show, Royal Oak Charcoal, Code 3 Spices – www.code3spices.com, Affordable Income Tax & Payroll, DDR Fabrication, Colaw RV and The BBQ League. Special thanks to Vietti Marketing Group and In the Garden of Eden for supporting our competition efforts.

Have a great week! #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm

Check out this episode of Tailgate Guys BBQ Show

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