No BBQ comps? No problem. Let’s play “Pitmasters Bracket Challenge”

No. 1 overall seed in the “Pitmasters Bracket Challenge” is Matt and Sarah Walker of Boomerang BBQ.

As the sports world and much of the world, period, has ground to a screeching halt, many of us have extra time on our hands. Competition BBQ pitmasters, used to firing it up from coast to coast, join all of professional sports as having their seasons in a holding pattern.

So with all of us in need of a fun diversion, the Tailgate Guys BBQ Show Podcast offers up the “Pitmasters Bracket Challenge,” a 64-team bracket. Teams are seeded in four regions paying honor to BBQ legends – Pat Burke, Paul Kirk, “Dr. BBQ” Ray Lampe and Bill Arnold.

Here are the pairings. Voting will take place in the Pat Burke and Paul Kirk regions, beginning Friday, at the Tailgate Guys Facebook Page. The Ray Lampe and Bill Arnold regions will be “in action” on Saturday to cut the field to 32 teams for the second round, on Friday, March 27.

By the way, No. 1 seeds went to the reigning KCBS Team of the Year (Boomerang BBQ), the 2019 American Royal Open Grand Champion (Fred Robles/Rio Valley Meats), 2019 Jack Daniels Invitational champ (Clark Crew BBQ) and last year’s Memphis in May Grand Champion (Tuffy Stone’s Cool Smoke).

We hope everyone enjoys this and takes it in the spirit it’s intended – to have a little BBQ fun in this not-so-enjoyable times.

As always #WashYourHands and #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm


(1) Boomerang BBQ
(16) Q-Bones BBQ

(8) Muttley Crew BBQ
(9) Razorracks BBQ

(5) Wolf’s Revenge BBQ
(12) Diva Q BBQ

(4) Burnin and Lootin BBQ
(13) Motley Que

(3) Slap’s BBQ
(14) The American Dream BBQ Team

(6) Smoke Me Silly BBQ Team
(11) Grey Street BBQ

(7) Hot Wachula’s
(10) Swamp Boys

(2) BS BBQ Outlaws
(15) The Specialists BBQ Team


(1) Rio Valley Meat BBQ
(16) Curt Harbers/Fayette Co.

(8) South Pork BBQ Team
(9) Hogline

(5) Slaughterhouse 5
(12) Rooters n Tooters TN

(4) Lucky’s Q BBQ
(13) Mudville BBQ

(3) Heavy Smoke BBQ
(14) Buffalo’s BBQ

(6) Big Poppa Smokers
(11) Fergolicious BBQ

(7) Old Virginia Smoke
(10) Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que

(2) Smokey D’s BBQ
(15) Rescue Smokers


(1) Cool Smoke
(16) 501 BBQ

(8) Buckshot’s BBQ
(9) Bunch of Swines

(5) CAJUN BLAZE competition BBQ
(12) 913 BBQ

(4) 4 Legs Up BBQ
(13) Smokin’ Hogzz

(3) Big Raz BBQ
(14) The King & his Q

(6) Man Meat BBQ
(11) Redmule BBQ

(7) One2bbq
(10) Lady of Q

( 2) Gettin’ Basted

(15) White Squirrel BBQ


(1) Clark Crew BBQ
(16) Lapasadita

(8) Operation BBQ Relief/Mark Lambert
(9) Fat Boys Temple TX

(5) Dirt Road BBQ
(12) Girls Can Grill

(4) Pig-Chicka Cow-Cow BBQ
(13) High i Que BBQ

(3) Heath Riles BBQ
(14) Fat&Dumb BBQ

(6) Under the Radar
(11) Tebo Creek BBQ

(7) IQ Netherlands
(10) Butcher BBQ

(2) Shake ‘n Bake BBQ
(15) Burnt Finger BBQ

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