Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast, Episode 170: Brad Leighninger, Jonathan Indermuehle

Brad Leighninger, Gettin’ Basted

On Episode 170 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast, we catch up with a world champ and an up-and-comer on the competition scene.

First up is Brad Leighninger, three-time KCBS Team of the Year with Gettin’ Basted, plus the reigning Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational BBQ grand champion, plus part of the 2022 Memphis in May International Festival World Champion Blues Hog team. Brad appeared on local sports-talk radio in Springfield, Mo., earlier this week and touched on a variety of topics and we bring you some of the highlights, including his narrowing of his focus on this fall’s majors, the new Food Network Michael Symon “BBQ USA” show and daughter Molly’s outstanding success as a young celebrity chef.

Jonathan Indermuehle of Heifers, Butts & Clucks BBQ

We then take a trip to Colorado for an “Under the Radar” segment and visit with Jonathan Indermuehle, whose Heifers, Butts, & Clucks BBQ is finding outstanding success just nine KCBS contests into its competition career. Jonathan tells us about how he got involved in the sport and pulled off a first-place in his first competition, thus becoming immediately hooked.

Co-hosts Lyndal and Steve touch on their recent open-fire cooking experiences and discuss the new BBQ USA Show, which debuted this week with some familiar faces featured.

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