Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast, Episode 165: Black Magic BBQ, T-Rex BBQ

Breana Via and Bradley Colter, Black Magic BBQ

Most weeks on the Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast, we bring you some of the biggest, established names in BBQ. This week, we are going “Under the Radar” to bring a double-barrel dose of pitmasters who are up-and-comers. If you don’t already know them, you likely will soon.

Breana Via and Bradley Colter became a couple two years ago and soon started cooking together as Black Magic BBQ. The Kansas City-area team wasted little time in accumulating top-10 calls in KCBS competitions throughout the region with Breana cooking the Chicken and Brisket while Bradley takes care of Pork and Ribs. We find out more about Black Magic BBQ’s journey on Episode 165 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Show.

Kyle Johnson, T-Rex BBQ

We also head a couple of hundred miles north of Black Magic for a conversation with Kyle Johnson of T-Rex BBQ out of Newton, Iowa. Kyle has been competing since 2016 when he entered a local backyard contest and, as part of the Iowa BBQ Store Corn Cookers team at Memphis in May, he oversaw the world championship Turkey Smoke entry. Check out Kyle’s BBQ story, including how he came up with the unique team name.

Co-hosts Lyndal and Steve also review their busy cooking weeks and preview what’s ahead with the Tailgate Guys cooking team only three weeks away from a return to competition.

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Check out Episode 165 of the Tailgate Guys BBQ Podcast

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